Where it all started. Harvest 2015 at Olivier Cohen, Argelliers, Languedoc

Kiffe my wines is a London based importer established in 2016.

Back at the time, our goal was to bring new wines to the UK market coming from young (emerging) ethically minded producers. We followed them, closely, by getting to know them on a more personal level, and could give them important insights about our market here, but also the industry in general, as London is for wine, still a very important place.

"Young winemakers shouldn't study oenology, they should study philosophy. With Oenology you're able to analyse, but with philosophy you're able to help wine become what it should be. You don't create wines by adding additives, you help it to be what it is." Joško Gravner

In late 2018, we teamed up with Newcomer Wines, an importer specialising in minimal intervention wines from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Northern Italy.

We want to create a community of exchange between our growers, ourselves and our clients. We believe in the force of cross pollination to help this community grow and face the new challenges that the industry is currently experiencing.

We look for wines that are honestly crafted, reflective of their native environment, and more importantly, beautiful and delicious to drink. We believe in wines that come from good, respectful farming, and are made with integrity, passion and imagination. This is winemaking in its purest and finest form.
In the vineyards with Julien Viana, Cruet, Savoie